【Message from TUFS President】Provisional Plans for Fall Quarter

July 8, 2020

The spring quarter is slowly coming to an end. I hope you are all doing well during this difficult time, and I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming exams and papers.

I am writing to inform you about our provisional plans for the fall quarter starting in October. If the COVID-19 situation in Tokyo permits, here at TUFS we are aiming to resume face-to-face classes on campus for specific subjects, while maintaining online classes for others.

At the current stage, it is difficult to assess whether conditions in Tokyo will align by October. We cannot hold classes in dangerous conditions, but unfortunately it has become extremely difficult to judge exactly how dangerous the conditions will be. One basis for our decision will most likely be the re-announcement of the state of emergency declaration. We will make our final decision on classes held on campus around September 9. If the situation worsens we will keep all classes online, and the same response will be taken after classes commence.

Furthermore, if conditions permit, selected classes from the following subjects will be held face-to-face. For more information, please check the ‘Information on Educational Affairs for Fall and Winter quarter’ page (JP) on the TUFS website.

  1. Major Language classes : As stated on the TUFS website, there will be both on-campus and off-campus classes.
  2. GLIP English classes : English A/B will be held on campus on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  3. Seminars for third year students and Thesis Seminars for fourth year students : Research advisors will contact you individually.

In order to prevent students commuting during rush hours, we are doing our best to schedule first period classes to be held online, and face-to-face classes to be held in succession. However this can be difficult. We are creating an environment where those who need to take classes in person can also take online classes on campus. TUFS will continue to support students with internet problems at home.
First and second year students enrolled in the School of Language and Culture Studies and the School of International and Area Studies have many Major Language classes, and thus will be on campus more than others. For those residing outside of Tokyo, we advise you to move closer to campus in preparation for classes starting in October. First and second year students enrolled in the School of Japan Studies will have face-to-face GLIP English classes. As for the Master’s Programs, specific subjects such as the Cross-Disciplinary Seminars will be held online.

I hope you can understand the complicated circumstances we are all in. Although we are somewhat reassured by the comments we have been receiving, saying online classes are not too bad after all, it is important to keep in mind that University is a place for human encounters and connections. We are all doing everything we can to ensure a meaningful University experience for our students. Please make sure to stay updated on further notices.

Those who are unable to attend classes on campus (especially those who wish to take GLIP English classes online), please fill out the following form.

Inquiry Form:

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies