[Message from TUFS President] To all students

April 17, 2020

By now, all new students should have received the textbooks for their chosen majors, as online classes will finally begin next week. The first class registration period ends today, and information regarding your registered classes will be sent to your university accounts from tonight onwards. For those of you taking many classes, I am sure some of you are worried about getting confused with this new procedure. We have prepared the following videos to assist with any confusion, please watch them.

Please note that not all classes this semester will be held in real time via Zoom. Some classes will distribute class content through Moodle and the GAKUMU Information System’s messaging system. In this case, please follow the instructions sent to you and commit to submitting the assigned work.

While the current situation is difficult, TUFS teaching staff are working hard to devise online classes that are productive and meaningful in ways different from normal classes. While this is both daunting and exciting, we hope that you are looking forward to the start of classes next week.

With the start of online classes drawing near, I have six announcements/requests.

1. Class information will only be sent to those who registered for the respective class. Please ensure you register for classes by 19:30 tonight.

2. If no information is sent to you before the first lesson of said class, please fill out the following form. The Educational Affairs Division will be in contact.




3. For inquiries regarding internet and device accessibility, please contact the TUFS Academic Support Center

Tel:  042-330-5893 (9:00 – 17:00) 

E-mail: tufs-zoom-studentssupport@tufs.ac.jp

4. If you suddenly lose connection during a Zoom class, please contact the teacher responsible for that class, and explain what happened. Email addresses for each teacher can be found in the class information that was sent to you. Your teacher will handle matters from there.

5. We have received many question about whether your camera should be on or off during a Zoom class. For classes with a large number of students, students should generally keep their cameras off. Cameras are usually left on for smaller classes, language classes and discussion-based classes, but this is up to the discretion of the teacher.

6. As previously announced, access to the Research and Lecture Building is now limited to students living near the campus (within walking/biking distance), and to students who have trouble accessing internet/devices otherwise. For those wishing to enter, please register at the main entrance on the Central Plaza (enkei hiroba) side, and only use the classrooms assigned to you.

Self-isolation is essential to preventing further spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Yesterday, a nationwide state of emergency was declared. As I previously said in the April 3 President’s Message, we ask that:

- Students staying with family stay where they are

- Students living near campus stay where they are, and do not return to their family homes

- Students living within commuting distance of the campus by train stay where they are, and do not come to campus

While this may be difficult for some students, I ask that you continue to cooperate for the health and safety of your family and yourself.
Classes begin next week, so I imagine most of you will be spending long amounts of time in your homes/accommodations. In preparation for this, I recommend that students look into getting a suitable desk and chair !

President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies