TUFS has renewed an Academic Exchange Agreement and a Student Exchange Agreement with Tamkang University, Taiwan.

April 26, 2017

On Friday, April 21, 2017, President Flora Chia-I Chang from Tamkang University and President Hirotaka Tateishi from TUFS renewed the academic exchange agreement and the student exchange agreement in a ceremony at TUFS.

Besides the two presidents, five other professors from Tamkang University and Vice President Prof. Sukero Ito and other professors from TUFS joined the ceremony. After the ceremony, they exchanged opinions about expansion of diverse interchanges between the universities.

Since TUFS concluded the academic exchange agreements with Tamkang University in 2012, active exchanges have been conducted. In 2014, TUFS established a "Global Japan Office" on Tamkang Campus, Tamkang University. The office has promoted a joint educational program with Tamkang University that focuses on the learners of Japanese language studying at both universities.

They agreed to further promote exchanges at the meeting.

At the signing ceremony
Left: President Flora Chia-I Chang from Tamkang University