TUFS Cinema Holds ‘Southeast Asian Film Festival’

March 28, 2018

From Saturday the 9th of December, TUFS Cinema held four film screenings at AGORA Global’s Prometheus Hall as part of the ‘Southeast Asian Film Festival.’

This event was organized by several TUFS professors who specialize in Southeast Asian studies. The screenings included commentary by specialists on each of the regions featured in the films, which aimed to deepen the understandings of Southeast Asian culture and films, as they are not well-known in Japan. The festival attracted a large audience at each screening, as it featured films that are difficult to watch in Japan. The commentaries were followed by lively question-and-answer sessions.

  • Saturday 9th December: 1st Screening – Myanmar ‘Tawaya Alintanmya’
    Commentary: Yu Mitsui (Screenwriter, representative of The Executive Committee of the Myanmar Cinema Festival)
    Compere: Professor Keiko Tosa (Institute of Global Studies, Cultural Anthropology and Area specialist (Burmese and Religious Studies))

  • Saturday 16th December: 2nd Screening – Cambodia ‘Diamond Island’
    Commentary: Junko Honma (Khmer Interpreter, film reviewer)
    Compere: Associate Professor Tomoko Okada (Institute of Global Studies, Cambodian Culture and Literature Specialist)

  • Saturday 23rd December: 3rd Screening – Singapore ‘Apprentice’
    Commentary: Shigeru Morita (Rikkyo University Centre for Asian Area Studies, specially-appointed researcher)
    Compere: Associate Professor Naoki Soda (Institute of Global Studies, Southeast Asian Modern History and Malaysian Political Social History specialist)

  • Saturday 6th January: 4th Screening – Malaysia ‘Jagat’
    Commentary: Yasuko Togari (TUFS part-time lecturer)
    Compere: Associate Professor Naoki Soda

To coincide with this event, the TUFS Academy lecture series ‘Understanding Southeast Asian Films – Film and Society in Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia’ was held.

Southeast Asian Film Festival x Open Academy Special Lecture Series
Saturday 9th December: Understanding Burmese Films (lecturer: Yu Mitsui)
Saturday 16th December: Understanding Cambodian Films (lecturer: Junko Honma)
Saturday 23rd December: Understanding Singaporean Films (lecturer: Shigeru Morita)
Saturday 6th January: Understanding Malaysian Films (lecturer: Yasuko Togari)

Mr. Mitsui giving commentary (1st screening, Burmese film)

Ms. Honma giving commentary (2nd screening, Cambodian film)

Mr. Morita giving commentary (3rd screening, Singaporean film)

Ms. Yasuko Togari giving commentary (4th screening, Malaysian film)

Open Academy Lecture (Understanding Malaysian Films)