Second Olympic Lecture: Paralympics etc.

July 5, 2017

On Wednesday 21 st June 2017, TUFS held the second of its series of lectures on 'Thinking about the Olympic and Paralympic Games', entitled 'Paralympic Accessibility'.

In this second lecture, we welcomed Mr. Nakamae Shinji (organising committee member and director of Paralympic Games Integration) and Prof. Tomotsune Tsutomu (TUFS Institute of Japan Studies), who acted as commentator, to deliver a lecture on the history of the Paralympics and the initiatives and tasks of the Tokyo Olympics.
Mr. Nakamae first spoke about t

he origins and history of the Paralympic movement, the initiative towards the Olympic Games so far, as well as current initiatives towards the realisation of the vision for the Tokyo Olympics. In the second half of the lecture, he gave an explanation about accessibility in the Olympics, including the guidelines of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
Prof. Tomotsune raised questions on various points concerning the Olympics and Paralympics based on photos of the redeveloped areas in London he visited following the London Olympics. We received a deeply interesting talk on subjects including sustainability following the Olympics and the relatedness between the Olympics and Paralympics.
Attending the lecture were 42 TUFS students as well as one language and culture supporter. Following on from Prof. Tomotsune's comments, there was an active question and answer session covering strategies for attracting spectators to the Tokyo Paralympics, the ways of dealing with able-bodied and disabled people, and the pros and cons of the Paralympics.

The third lecture, entitled 'The Olympics and Volunteering' will take place on Wednesday 5 th July. From the Japan Olympic Academy (JOA) we will be welcoming Mr. Masumoto Naofumi, (Director, JOA; specially appointed lecturer, Tokyo Metropolitan University) as speaker, and Prof. Hasabe Mika (specially appointed lecturer, World Language and Society Education Centre, TUFS) will act as commentator. We eagerly await your attendance.