Second Press Meeting Takes Place

May 17, 2017

On Thursday 11 th May 2017, we invited journalists to the Fuchu campus for a press meeting.

Today, as globalisation accelerates and there are creasing numbers of people seeking career advancement overseas and foreigners visiting Japan, thinking it might be that case that the education, research and information transmission carried out at this university has a growing role of maintaining a link with the press, we held our first press meeting last November, making this the second.

At the meeting, following the President's debriefing of the second term action plan, there was an explanation of the purpose of establishing and future activities of the Centre for Contemporary African Area Studies, whose opening ceremony was held on the same day, given by Centre Director Takeuchi.

We would be happy to receive any queries relating to these meetings from members of the press at our public relations office.

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Debriefing on the 2 nd term action plan given by President Tateishi

Debriefing on the Centre for Contemporary African Area Studies given by Mr. Takeuchi