Czech Republic Minister of Culture visits TUFS

July 7, 2017

On the 28 th of June, the Czech Republic Minister of Culture, Daniel Herman, visited TUFS and met with around 40 students majoring in the Czech language. Herman discussed the cultural exchanges happening between the Czech Republic and Japan, including the success of Czech Art Noveau artist Alphonse Mucha's recent exhibition, and 'The Year of Czech Culture' currently underway in Japan.


Minister Herman was seen conversing with students about their reasons for studying Czech, their study abroad experiences and research topics, and also asking general questions about language and culture. Afterwards, Herman donated 10 books about Czech literature, art, and architecture to TUFS.

After the meeting, Minister Herman met with TUFS President Hirotaka Tateishi. This meeting was also attended by TUFS Vice President Kayoko Hayashi, Professor Sho Hagio (Director of International Management Office), Professor Taku Shinohara (Institute of Global Studies, Central and Eastern Europe Modern History), Associate Professor Kumiko Kanazashi (Institute of Global Studies, Slavic Language Studies) and Professor Marketa Gebhartova (World Language and Society Education Centre, Czech Language Studies) with discussion revolving around the development of relations between the Czech Republic and TUFS.

After visiting the TUFS Library, Minister Herman spent the remainder of the afternoon enjoying lunch in the cafeteria with around 30 TUFS students and staff.

Right: Daniel Herman, Czech Republic Minister of Culture