Former Ambassador of Papua New Guinea Gives Lecture at TUFS

February 26, 2018

On Monday the 11 th of December, TUFS welcomed the former ambassador of Papua New Guinea, Mr. Morio Matsumoto, as a lecturer, and held a lecture on "Relations between Papua New Guinea and Japan" as part of the Information Center for Social and International Collaboration (ICSIC) 'Lively Diplomat' lecture series.

Mr. Matsumoto talked about his experience in Papua New Guinea, gave commentary on the geography, ethnicity, language, society, and history of Papua New Guinea, and concluded by talking about the country's relations with Japan.

At the Q&A session after the lecture, there were questions from students such as "did you speak the local Pidgin language while you were there?", and the lecture was brought to a close in a relaxed atmosphere.

To see the contents of this lecture, please refer to the ICSIC website (page in Japanese).

The 'Lively Diplomat' Lecture