Cultural Events for International Students held at TUFS

February 26, 2018

On Friday the 8 th of December, TUFS held a "Japanese Cultural Experience Classroom" and an "Evening of International Exchange" (sponsored by the International Student Support Association and the Student Exchange Division) for TUFS International Students.
In the "Japanese Cultural Experience Classroom", interactive classes were held involving Japanese traditional culture and games such as kimono wearing, tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, shogi games, ink painting, and doll making. A large number of international students participated. At the "Evening of International Exchange", Japanese students and guests from scholarship foundations and regional exchange groups were also in attendance, and the meeting was very festive. First, Ms. Takako Ayukawa, the chairwoman of the International Student Support Association, gave a few words thanking the supporters of international students and expressing her high expectations and encouragement for international students. At the meeting various performances were donemostly by the international students, such as songs and dances from their countries of origin, as well as shamisen performances, which they had learned to play in Japan. Everyone was excited, and active cultural exchange took place.