'Memories of Nankichi Niimi & Tokyo School of Foreign Languages' Special Lecture Held at TUFS

February 22, 2018

On Friday the 19 th of January 2018, a special lecture on the famous writer Nankichi Niimi (1913-1943), author of works such as 'Gon, the Little Fox,' and 'Buying Mittens,' titled 'Memories of Nankichi Niimi & Tokyo School of Foreign Languages' was held at TUFS' AGORA Global.

At the special lecture, the director of the Nankichi Niimi Memorial Museum, Hideo Yamamoto, gave a speech on 'The Core of Nankichi's Work: Nankichi and Tokyo School of Foreign Languages.' In this speech, Director Yamamoto discussed Nankichi Niimi's lifetime career, including his relationships and writing activities during his time at Tokyo School of Foreign Languages (the predecessor of TUFS), and the ways of thinking in regards to the core of his work.
After Director Yamamoto's speech, TUFS Associate Professor Atsushi Tajima (Institute of Global Studies, Educational Psychology) gave a commentary of Nankichi Niimi's work from a psychological perspective.
This event drew a great amount of interest, with over 100 participants attending from both inside and outside of TUFS.

In the TUFS Archives, an exhibition on 'Memories of Nankichi Niimi & Tokyo School of Foreign Languages' will be on display from the 15 th -26 th of January. This can be seen in the Exhibition Space on the first floor of the TUFS Library.

TUFS President Tateishi giving an opening address

Professor Tajima giving his commentary

Director Yamamoto giving his speech