3rd Press Conference Takes Place at TUFS

February 14, 2018

On Wednesday the 20 th of December, TUFS invited the media to its Fuchu campus and held a press conference.
Today, as globalization accelerates there are increasing numbers of Japanese people seeking career advancement overseas, and of foreigners coming to Japan. This means that the role TUFS plays in cooperating with the media to circulate information on education and research conducted at TUFS is becoming significantly bigger, and so TUFS has been holding press conferences since the year before last. This was the third time a press conference has been held.
At this time's press conference, following TUFS President Hirotaka Tateishi's address and report on current affairs at TUFS, there was a presentation on the student-run project 'African Weeks,' which included information on aims of the project, and how it will look on the actual day. Vice President Kayoko Hayashi gave a talk on the introduction of an English speaking examination for the new School of Japan Studies (name is subject to change) which will be established in February 2019, and a talk on English education was given by Professor Masashi Negishi and Professor Hideyuki Takashima.
The TUFS Public Relations Office would be happy to receive any queries from the press related to these conferences.
Public Relations Office, General Affairs and Planning Division, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
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President Hirotaka Tateishi

African Weeks Executive Committee

Vice President Kayoko Hayashi

Professor Masashi Negishi

Professor Hideyuki Takashima

Atmosphere of the press conference