Fifth Lecture on Olympic/Paralympic Games, 'Gender and the Olympics,' held at TUFS

February 13, 2018

On Wednesday the 20 th of December, as part of the Tokyo 2020 Support Education Program, the fifth lecture of the 'Thinking about the Olympic and Paralympic Games' lecture series, 'Gender and the Olympics,' was held at TUFS.

The fifth lecture was taught by Professor Keiko Arai of Gakushuin Women's College and the JOA (Japan Olympic Academy), and TUFS lecturer Rin Odawara (Institute of Global Studies, area studies and gender studies) acted as commentator. Together they gave a lecture on the relation between gender and the Olympics.
Professor Arai spoke about the details and current situation of female participation in the Olympics, and, using the veils of Islam as an example, discussed in detail the understanding of foreign cultures and the modern Olympics.
Professor Odawara gave commentary on the aspects of gender in our daily lives while giving examples from real life. Following Professor Odawara's commentary there was a lively question-and-answer session, in which questions on topics such as gender awareness in modern society and media literacy were asked.

The next lecture, the sixth lecture of this series, will be held on the 17 th of January 2018 (Wednesday) to the topic of 'Politics, Diplomacy and the Olympics.' This lecture will be taught by Mr. Toshio Mochizuki of the JOA (former Ambassador of the Embassy of Japan in Greece). TUFS Professor Nobuo Haruna (Institute of Japan Studies, international politics, Japanese history of diplomacy) will act as commentator.

Professor Arai

Professor Odawara