TUFS Associates Gather in Moscow

February 8, 2018

On Saturday the 25 th of November a 'TUFS Global Community Meeting' (a gathering of TUFS alumni and current students spread around the world) was held in Moscow, Russia. This was the second Global Community Meeting ever held in Moscow, with the first held in April 2014. This time, the meeting was held due to TUFS being selected to participate in the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia) in August 2017, and also to coincide with TUFS Executive Director Katsuhisa Sagisaka's visit to partner universities, Japanese companies, and government organizations in Moscow.
Aside from Executive Director Sagisaka, TUFS attendees included the Project Leader of this project, Professor Kyoko Numano (Institute of Global Studies, Russian Literature, Russian Culture), Professor Yoshikazu Suzuki (Institute of Global Studies, Modern Russian Area Studies, Economic History, Comparative Economic Systems), and specially-appointed Professor Shigeru Arai (World Language and Society Education Centre). Attendees from the Tokyo Gaigokai Moscow branch included Mr. Yoshihisa Tachi, head of the Moscow branch, and 17 previous TUFS students including international students. 12 TUFS students currently studying in Russia were also in attendance, making for a total of 35 attendees.
At the meeting, Mr. Tachi gave a talk on the two desirable attributes of human resources and communication skills that support comprehension and communicativity, and Executive Director Sagisaka gave a talk on current affairs at TUFS. After this, Professor Numano and Professor Arai announced the opening of TUFS Global Japan Office Moscow, and gave a summary of the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia) to all the alumni working in Russian and Japanese companies in Moscow. Attendees chatted about many topics including current events and life in Moscow, language acquisition, and the ideal TUFS alumni 'image,' and so the event became an important place for exchanging global information that surpassed both country and time.
With the support of the Moscow branch alumni that attended this meeting, TUFS is hoping to secure internship opportunities for TUFS students and students from TUFS' six Russian partner institutions, with the overall goal of nurturing human resources who will be active in Japan-Russia business in this project.