Councilor of the Embassy of China in Japan Gives Lecture at TUFS

February 8, 2018

On Thursday the 7 th of December 2017, Councilor Wang Yuan of the Embassy of China in Japan visited TUFS and gave a lecture and panel discussion to the topic of 'China-Japan Relations Until Now, and the Future of China-Japan Relations.'

The event began with Mr. Mitsunaga Tabata (TUFS alumnus, journalist, former TBS reporter) giving an introduction of the history of China-Japan relations, while also giving anecdotes from his own experiences, which was then followed by a lecture in Japanese by Councilor Wang Yuan to the title of 'From "People, Things and Money" to "Heart."'

Afterwards, a panel discussion was held between Councilor Wang Yuan, Mr. Tabata, Mr. Atsushi Yabuki (TUFS alumnus, Head of Corporate Planning at INFINI Travel Information Inc.), Mr. Yu Nakamura (Executive Director of the Japan-China Friendship Association), and Mr. Yohei Ito (Representative Director of Minna no Machizukuri inc.).

The event was mainly attended by Chinese language major students, but there were also many general citizens in attendance. All of the attendees could be seen listening intently to the lecture and discussion.