Thai Majors Meet with Internationally Successful TUFS Alumnus

January 15, 2018

On Monday the 13 th of November, as part of the relay lecture series 'Thinking about Asia as a Collective,' TUFS invited an alumni who has achieved great success internationally, Thai department alumni Kyoichi Tanada* (former President of Toyota Motor Thailand), to give a lecture. Participants listened to Mr. Tanada's energetic account of his experiences in the international business world, resulting in a lively lecture. This relay lecture series is held by the TUFS Institute of International Relations, and is available not only as a general subject and as a subject in the Global Liberal Arts Program, but is also open to the general public.
After the lecture, a get-together was held in Professor Toshiyuki Miyata's (Institute of Global Studies) second year Thai class. The get-together largely revolved around Mr. Tanada sharing his thoughts on learning the language needed for working on-site, and the importance of connecting with people, which he discussed based on his own experiences. The students actively asked questions based on these stories. The atmosphere of the venue was friendly from beginning to end.

*Kyoichi Tanada: Graduate of TUFS' Indochinese Department (Thai) 1979, President & CEO of Delphy's Incorporated, former President of Toyota Motor Thailand, and former executive director of Toyota Motor.

Mr. Tanada (center), Professor Miyata (right edge), and the second year Thai students