Gaigosai Wins MVP Prize at Gakuensai Grand Prix

February 9, 2018

On Wednesday the 20 th of December, the award ceremony for the 'Let's Enjoy Tokyo's 9 th Gakuensai Grand Prix' was held, at which TUFS' 95 th Gaigosai won the Grand Prix (MVP) award.

The evaluation that led to this win can be seen below.
'Touting a very TUFS-like "new school festival" approach, TUFS made its first attempt at implementing 13 projects. Through the multilingualization of official social media, campus information, signs, and campus tours, TUFS was rated highly for appealing their school festival to foreigners. Gaigosai was also rated highly for its popular plays performed in a number of languages by TUFS students, and its refreshment stands selling foods from many countries - both of which have become popular standards of Gaigosai . Furthermore, there were many decorations set up around campus aimed towards social media, with posts of these being praised as showing that "all the students are participating - you can feel a sense of unity," which was in turn a big factor in the decision to award TUFS with the Grand Prix (MVP) prize.'

A Comment from Committee Chairman of the Gaigosai Executive Committee, Shuhei Masuda (School of Language and Culture Studies, Chinese language studies, third year)

This year, we aimed for MVP, and did all we could to achieve this goal. It is truly an honor to be chosen as number one out of 255 festivals in the Tokyo area. The Gaigosai Executive Committee intends to work together to continue to hold enjoyable, safe, and appealing Gaigosai . I am very happy to have been able to be a part of Gaigosai for the past three years. I look forward to working hard on the next Gaigosai .

For more information on the Gakuensai Grand Prix, click the link below (page in Japanese).