TUFS Associates Gather in Jakarta

December 1, 2017

On Wednesday the 25 th of October, a 'TUFS Global Community Meeting' (a gathering of TUFS alumni and current students spread around the world) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was the third time this gathering was held in Jakarta. The gathering was held this time due to TUFS Vice President (for International Affairs) Sukero ITO attending the 4 th Japan-Indonesia Rectors' Conference in Surabaya.
From TUFS, Vice President ITO and Associate Professor Masashi FURIHATA (Institute of Global Studies, Indonesian Language Studies, Sundanese Studies) attended, and 16 members participated from the Tokyo Gaigokai Jakarta branch, led by Shigenori YANAGIDA, head of the Tokyo Gaigokai Jakarta branch. Including the five students who had been on exchange to either Indonesia or Japan, a total of 23 people gathered for the event.
At the event, attendees discussed various topics such as alumni working in different fields at local Jakartan companies, Japanese companies in Jakarta, and universities, current affairs and daily life in Jakarta, language acquisition, and the ideal TUFS alumni 'image.' Thus, the gathering was a successful event for global information exchange that transcended both countries and time.