Film Screening and Round-Table Discussion on the Syrian Refugee Crisis Held at TUFS

November 27, 2017

On Friday the 20 th of October, the film 'Born in Syria' was screened as part of TUFS Cinema's Syrian Refugee Film Screening at AGORA Global's Prometheus Hall.

This film screening was held as part of the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival School Partners Initiative. After the screening of the original film, an open round-table discussion was held on 'Peace and Reconstruction in Syria.' For the open round-table discussion, Mr. Maki SATO (Japan Iraq Medical Network Executive Director), Ms. Megumi HIRAYAMA (Sadaqa-Association for Syria Adviser Secretary), Mr. Hiroyuki AOYAMA (TUFS Graduate School of Global Studies, Modern Middle Eastern Politics, Ideology, and History Studies), and TUFS Japan Syria Student Organization member Mr. Natsuki CHUBACHI (School of International and Area Studies, West Asian and Northern African Studies 2 nd year) took to the stage as speakers.

In addition to the students from TUFS, attendees also came from outside of the university, and showed their interest in the Syrian refugee crisis by actively participating in the question-and-answer session.

The TUFS Japan Syria Student Organization was in charge of organizing the question-and-answer session, and hosting the event.

Left: Professor Hiroyuki AOYAMA, Right: Ms. Megumi HIRAYAMA

Left: Mr. Maki SATO, Right: Mr Natsuki CHUBACHI

The Open Round-Table Discussion