Alumni Return to TUFS for Homecoming Day

November 24, 2017

On Saturday the 28 th of October, the 9 th Homecoming Day was held, and many alumni and current students gathered at TUFS.

At the ceremony, which was held at AGORA Global's Prometheus Hall, many talks were given, beginning with a report on recent happenings at TUFS from President Tateishi, and a commemorative speech on the founding of TUFS, 'The Progress of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies - Union & Independence,' by head of TUFS Archives, Yuriko Yoshida. Following this, former TUFS student and professor, current Keio University Emeritus Professor, Toru Shimizu, performed a song and gave a talk on 'Latin and Chanson.' While weaving Latin and Chanson together, Professor Shimizu sang of his various experiences during his time at TUFS. Professor Shimizu was accompanied by Nozomi Tada on the piano, and there was also a guest performance by Andean music group Sabor Antanõ, and so the ceremony was full of entertainment and emotion.
After the ceremony, a get-together was held in the University Hall, and the alumni socialized amongst themselves.

Here at TUFS, we have been holding a Homecoming Day once a year since 2009. We are planning to have next year's Homecoming Day in autumn too.

President Tateishi speaking on the present state of TUFS

Right: Toru Shimizu, Left: Pianist, Nozomi Tada

A commemorative speech on the founding of TUFS by TUFS Archives Head, Yuriko Yoshida

Guest Performers, Sabor Antanõ

At the get-together

Tokyo Gaigokai Board Vice Chairman, Yoshio Shimizu, leading the toast

Professor Shimizu, President Tateishi, and President Tateishi's classmates