SADC Ambassador Relay Lecture Series Begins with Zimbabwe

November 10, 2017

On Wednesday 11 th October 2017, coinciding with the start of the fall quarter, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) relay lecture, taught by ambassadors representing the participating countries, was held, making it the sixth one to be held in the current academic year.

Going first in the 12-country relay lecture, the lecture was held by the Chargé d'affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Japan , Lloyd Sithole. The diplomat addressed students' questions one by one on Zimbabwean politics, economics, sports, and education, and answered them thoroughly.

This relay lecture series was able to happen due to the kindness of the SADC ambassadors, and is held second period every Wednesday in Room 207 of the Research and Lecture Building as a required subject for first-year undergraduates majoring in African Studies at the School of International and Area Studies. To promote exchange between Japan and Southern African countries, the lectures are also open to all the TUFS students and faculty members without registration.

Enquiries: Makiko Sakai, Head of African Studies: sakai_makiko[a]; or Takanori Oishi: takanori[a] (please replace [a] with @).
African Studies Center Website (page in Japanese)
School of International and Area Studies, African Studies Course Website (page in Japanese)

A courtesy call to Executive Director/Vice President Minoru Iwasaki
From right: Mr. Ryozo Myoi, Advisor to the African Studies Center,
Mr. Taona Havadi, counsellor,
Mr. Lloyd Sithole, Counsellor and Chargé d'affaires a.i,
Associate Professor Makiko Sakai, Executive Director/Vice President Minoru Iwasaki, lecturer Takanori Oishi.

A lecture by Mr. Sithole, Chargé d'affaires

A courtesy call to the director of the African Studies Center
(Far right) Lloyd Sithole, Chargé d'affaires
(Second from left) Shinichi Takeuchi, director of the African Studies Center

Post-lecture Group Photograph