TUFS Student Wins International Malaysian Speech Contest

October 30, 2017

On Thursday 27 th July, Lisa Shimasaki (School of Language and Culture Studies, Malaysian Language Studies, fourth year) won first place in the international category of the 'International Malay Public Speaking Competition, Prime Minister's Cup' (sponsored by Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education). Shimasaki gave a speech titled 'Language is Not Just a Communication Tool, it is Everything' ( Bahasa Bukan Sekadar Alat Komunikasi, Bahasa Adalah Segala-galanya ), and was praised for her fluent pronunciation and passionate speech.
This category of the competition was also won by a TUFS student last year.

More information on the competition can be found in this Malaysian article (article in English).

Shimasaki's Thoughts on Winning

In December last year, I won the Malaysian Speech Contest in Japan, and this time I was very pleased to be able to win the 'International Malay Public Speaking Competition, Prime Minister's Cup.' For the teachers and friends that have taught me, and my family that has supported me, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. To the sometimes strict, sometimes soft Professor Faridah, I cannot thank you enough. This competition is a large event organised by the Malaysian government, and was covered for many days in the Malaysian media. It was a great honour to meet Prime Minister Najib, and to be seated next to his wife at the dinner party. Through this competition, on top of improving my Malaysian grammar, pronunciation and speech competence, I was also able to experience being interviewed for Malaysian television and newspapers, appearing on Malaysian television, and staying with a Malaysian family. I really hope my kouhai will enter the competition next year.