TUFS Welcomes 205 Foreign Exchange Students

October 6, 2017

On Wednesday 27 th September, the 2017 Foreign Exchange Student October Opening Ceremony was held in Agora Global's Prometheus Hall, welcoming seven research students, 26 Nikkensei students, 156 ISEP students, five JLC research students, six teacher training students, and five students from the Japan-Korea Joint Science and Engineering Exchange Program, a total of 205 new foreign exchange students. The students come from over 50 different countries.
At the ceremony, the students were introduced by program, and ceremonial addresses were given by Vice President Kayoko Hayashi and Director of the Japanese Language Center for International Students, Tomoko Fujimura.
At the orientation following the ceremony, presentations were given by representatives of organizations that assist students in many aspects of university life, such as the 'International Student Support Association,' and 'Tokyo Gaigokai.'