TUFS Student Wins Japan-Palau Friendship Princess Pageant

August 30, 2017

On Saturday 1 st July, TUFS student Erica Ieda (School of International and Area Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, first year) won the Grand Prize at the 20 th Japan-Palau Friendship Princess Pageant (held by the Nanyou Kouryu Kyokai , sponsored by the government of the Republic of Palau and the Palau Tourism Bureau). The crowning ceremony was held on Thursday 27 th July. As winner of the grand prize, Ieda will participate in the Palau Independence Day Ceremony held on October 1 st in Palau.

A Comment from Ieda

My name is Erica Ieda, and I am the Japan-Palau Friendship Princess for 2017.
The Republic of Palau is a country made up of islands from Micronesia and is 3179 kilometers south-southwest of Japan. Palau's beautiful ocean is home to a great variety of fish, so much so that it is considered a 'diver's paradise,' and is loved by tourists from all over the world. Palau has deep relations with Japan, which have been developed through Japan-Palau Friendship activities over the last 20 years. However, during the Second World War, this beautiful country was a violent battlefield.
Many young Japanese soldiers lost their lives, with many of their bones still buried throughout the islands. Furthermore, there are still many relics leftover from the war, reminding us of the tragedy of war.
As this year's Grand Prize Princess, I would like to help Palau come to terms with the sad history of this beautiful country for the further development of Japan-Palau relations. When I visit Palau in October, I hope to experience Palau's nature and traditional culture, and share this with Japan. I aim to do my best as the 2017 Japan-Palau Friendship Princess.