TUFS President Serves as Jury President at Japanese Speech Contest

August 17, 2017

On Tuesday 18 th July, the 12 th National Chinese Japanese Speech Contest was held (sponsored by Nikkei Inc., China Education Association for International Exchange, and The Society of Chinese Professors in Japan), and TUFS President Hirotaka Tateishi served as Jury President.

This contest has been held since 2006, and was created with the aim of increasing the motivation of Chinese students studying Japanese (in China), to deepen their understanding of Japan, and acts as an exchange opportunity between China and Japan. President Tateishi contributed to this contest as a representative of TUFS, a global base for research on Japanese Language Education.

The 16 students that made it through to this contest competed with their Japanese ability to the topics of either 'Aiming for China-Japan Mutual Understanding - The Things I Have Done, and the Things I Wish to Try,' or 'If I Were to Start a Company.' This contest proves to be a very valuable environment in which Chinese youth can express their thoughts and opinions.

More information on this contest can be found on Nikkei Inc.'s website.
Contest Official Homepage (page in Japanese):

Video of the Contest (page in Japanese):