University of Pretoria's Humanities Dean Visits TUFS

August 1, 2017

On Friday 14 th of July, Professor Vasu Reddy, Faculty of Humanities Dean at University of Pretoria in South Africa, and Professor Maxi Schoeman, Faculty of Humanities Deputy Dean at University of Pretoria, visited TUFS and met with TUFS Vice President Minoru Iwasaki, and Professor Shinichi Takeuchi, Director of the African Studies Center here at TUFS.

Professor Sho Hagio, in charge of international strategy, and Associate Professor Makiko Sakai, African Studies faculty member, also attended this meeting, with conversation revolving around development in African research at both universities, and student exchange. Afterwards, Professor Reddy and the other professors visited the African Studies Center, and exchanged information with center staff, Peace and Conflict Studies faculty, and Student Exchange Division staff.

The University of Pretoria and TUFS became partner universities in August 2016. As Professor Reddy and Professor Schoeman came to Japan to participate in the 3 rd South Africa-Japan University (SAJU) Forum, held in Tokyo, they were able to visit TUFS.
More information on this meeting can be seen on the African Studies Center homepage .

From left: Sonja Yonehara (JICA Program Coordinator, Centre for Japanese Studies), Vice President Iwasaki, Professor Reddy, Professor Schoeman, Professor Takeuchi, Associate Professor Sakai, Professor Hagio, and Tomoko Kawakita (JICA, Centre for Japanese Studies).