2nd Information Session on Medical Inspections (Quarantine) and Infectious Diseases Abroad

July 7, 2017

On Wednesday 14 th June 2017, we welcomed section manager Kumagai and quarantine medical specialist Kurita from the Tokyo Airport Quarantine branch office to deliver an information session on 'Quarantine and Infectious Diseases Encountered when Travelling Aboard'. This information session was targeted at all those planning to study abroad including as overseas students and on short visits, in addition to those planning to travel abroad for other purposes . A similar information session was also held in January of this year. This second session was held for those who will be studying abroad but who could not attend or who entered the university after the first session.
The lecturers gave information including an introduction to the quarantine station; the characteristics of and preventative measures against diseases such as malaria and rabies; cautions regarding eating and drinking abroad; cautions regarding infectious diseases; and necessary preparations before travelling.
In the gathering that followed the information session, many students gathered for over an hour to ask questions on the points to be careful of when travelling abroad, among other things.

The Student Exchange Division is hoping to hold similar information sessions in the future. We encourage those who could not attend this time to come to the next session.

Section manager Kumagai

Quarantine medical specialist Kurita