October 17th Tama Academic Consortium (TAC) President's Conference and Faculty Exchange Meeting

July 7, 2017

On Monday 17th October 2016, presidents of the six universities participating in the Tama Academic Consortium (TAC) gathered at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) and held a conference concerning the recent status reports of each university and their practical plans for the next fiscal year.

At the following faculty exchange meeting, a lecture was given on the international exchange situation and support system here at TUFS by TUFS Vice President, Kayoko Hayashi, and International Exchange Support Coordinator, Junko Nii.

There were many questions from the international exchange faculty of the visiting universities, with great interest shown in our international exchange support system. Tama Academic Consortium is composed of six universities: International Christian University, Kunitachi College of Music, Musashino Art University, Tokyo Keizai University, Tsuda University, and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. In addition to establishing a credit interchange system, and a shared library system, TAC has established sectional meetings in which information concerning educational exchanges, libraries, public relations, and planning and coordination can be exchanged.

Tama Academic Consortium Homepage:

http://tac.lekumo.biz/tac/ (Link in Japanese)