1st / 2nd Year Student Parents' Briefing Session

July 5, 2017

On Saturday 17 th June 2017, a briefing session for the parents and guardians of first year and second year students took place, and was attended by an audience of over 400

During the briefing session, President Tateishi gave an update on university affairs and TUFS Student Support Association chairperson Ms. Dosyu gave an explanation of the Student Support Association, following which information was given on the student life of 1 st and 2 nd year students including student career support, study abroad and the UN study tour. In addition, a performance was given by the TUFS student club Acoustic Circle AA.
Also, Mr. Hasegawa, Administrative Director of the alumni association Tokyo Gaigokai Gave an explanation of the student support systems offered by Gaigokai.

Following the ceremony, attendees enthusiastically took part in separate discussions for each area of study and individual consultations on study abroad, careers and finding employment.