TUFS President Meets Turkmenistan Education Minister

June 30, 2017

On Monday 26th June 2017, the Turkmenistani Minister for Education Purli Agamuradov met with President Tateishi in Tokyo and discussed the further promotion of exchange between TUFS and Turkmenistan.
TUFS became partner institutions with the International University for the Humanities and Development (IUHD) in 2015. On the basis of this partnership, aside from beginning education in Turkmen language in April 2016, TUFS has been working towards the promotion of exchange between the two universities as well as the diffusion and promotion of Japanese language and culture by sending a Japanese language instructor to IUHD in September 2016, at the same time establishing the Turkmenistan Global Japan Office.
During the meeting, in addition to stating their hopes regarding the exchange of students between the two universities which is being negotiated currently, the members discussed TUFS's Japanese language educational support in Turkmenistan as well as Turkmen language educational support on the part of Turkmenistan.

Also attending the meeting was an international student from Turkmenistan who is studying at TUFS, who demonstrated her achivements and aptitude in Japanese by interpreting between Japanese and Turkmen.

From left: Abdyyeva Deputy Minister of Culture; President of Oguz Khan University; Agamuradov Minister for Education (Turkmenistan); President Tateishi (TUFS); Jennet Rozykulyyeva (student, 1st year, Graduate School of Global Studies, TUFS); Professor Shimada (lecturer, Central Asian Studies, TUFS)