Arabic Language Students Invite Embassies to Language Production

June 20, 2017

In November 2106, TUFS Arabic language students visited the embassies of Arabic speaking countries and gave out invitations to the Arabic dramatic production which will be held at Gaigosai.

Since these visits were conducted in order to advertise the Arabic language production, the nine countries whose embassies were visited were the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Egypt, Djibouti, Sudan, Tunisia, Bahrain, Mauritania, and Morroco.

The Arabic language production will begin on Tuesday 22 nd November the 4 th day of Gaigosai, at 15:40.

Photo at the Bahrain Embassy

Far right: Dr. Khalil Bin Ebrahim Hassan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Far left: Mr. Mahmood Abdulaal, Assistant

Photo at the Mauritanian Embassy on 11 th November (Fri)

Far right: モハメド・メナンヌ二等参事官