Gaigosai and Open Campus Experience Day Receive Many Visitors

June 23, 2017

On Saturday 19 th November 2016, the second Open Campus day this year (including debriefings on progressionto university and graduate school) took place.

At the debriefing session on progression to university, aside from a general introduction and greetings from the president, teaching staff gave explanations on each of their regions and languages of study. In addition, there were individual events including an entrance ceremony, discussions on studying abroad, and discussions with current students. This university holds open campus days several times a year as a valuable opportunity to experience being a university student for those considering progressing university. This open campus day was the second this year, and was held during Gaigosai in order for visitors to be able to get a feel of the student life at TUFS. Around 1500 visitors attended.

At the debriefing session on progressing to graduate school, following a general introduction from the Dean, individual discussions were given by the teaching staff for each subject (both master's and Doctoral subjects). In addition, current students held discussions on areas such as research topics.