Local Neighbourhood Association Meet with TUFS Executives

June 21, 2017

On Wednesday 9 th November 2016, TUFS conducted a meeting with the local neighbourhood association. These meetings are held annually in order to strengthen friendly relations with surrounding areas.
Among those from the neighbourhood association were the chairpersons for Momijigaoka Culture Centre Community Council; Tama-cho; Momijigaoka 3-Chome; and Asahi-cho; who met with President Tateishi; Executive Director / Secretary-General Hirashita; and Sano, Special Advisor to the President; as well as representatives from the student groups Gaigosai executive committee and cultural liaison council from TUFS.

Following greetings from President Tateishi, Sano, Special Advisor to the President, gave a debriefing on courses targeted at citizens such as the TUFS Open Academy, while the Gaigosai and student club representatives gave a report of their activities. These were followed by a lively and harmonious discussion.