Lecture from Translator and Writer Levy Hideo

June 21, 2017

At TUFS, we work towards taking advantage of the university's strong points for the promotion of Japanese studies and enhancing the global presence of Japan. In line with this, we are hosting a series of lectures entitled 'Japanese Studies Today- Literature, Culture and Society' (a total of 10 lectures).
These lectures are being held by the International Center for Japanese Studies with the purpose of reinterpreting 'Japan' at the forefront of knowledge and opening up the path to a new horizon for 'Japanese Studies', with prominent domestic and foreign authors, critics and researchers acting as speakers.
The first lecture took place on Monday 24 th October 2016, and we invited as speaker writer and translator Levi Hideo, who gave a lecture entitled 'Life in Translation and Writing'. In the lecture, Levi spoke about his career, from research on and translation of the Man'yōshū to composing novels in Japanese, as well as about how translation is seen as essential in the world of literary creation in the 21 st century, and how one ought to have knowledge of at least one language other than one's mother tongue.

More details: 'Japanese Studies Today- Literature, Culture and Society' lecture series

https://tufstoday.com/articles/161018-2/ (link in Japanese)