TUFS Language and Cultural Supporters at Film Screening Multicultural Union Talk

June 20, 2017

On Thursday 3 rd November 2016, TUFS graduates 隅田詩織 , 稲員未 , and 中村麻里 participated as TUFS language and cultural supporters* at the talk event "See, Hear, Feel! Multicultural Union Special Screening of 'School of Babel' & Talk" held at Tsukishima Social Education Meeting Hall (Chuo-ku, Tokyo). This film featured a special class arranged for foreign pupils at a middle school in France. After the screening, Prof. 野元 from Tokyo Metropolitan University and others spoke about their work in schools overseas and the kind of efforts that are necessary to understand with other cultures. In addition, Prof. 野元 gave an explanation of the need for support systems as multiculturalism progresses in Japanese schools. The attendees commented that they were glad they were able to hear about various experiences at the talk session.
More details can be viewed here (link in Japanese).

*The 'Language and Cultural Supporter' system began with recruitment by the TUFS Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research on 1 st July this year, and as of the end of September 109 graduates have signed up (a number that is still growing). So far, there have already been support activities at legislative consultation meetings, DV shelters, and international sports events.