TUFS Cinema Special South Asian Film Screening- Subtitles by TUFS Graduate Translator

June 14, 2017

On Saturday 10 th June 2017, TUFS Cinema held a special screening of the south Asian film ' Ottaal ' in the Prometheus Hall of the AGORA Global Building.

This screening event was organised by TUFS Faculty of Foreign Studies Hindi graduate and English and Hindi film translator Ms. FUJII Mika , who also provided the subtitles. Following the screening, Ms. Fujii and researcher of south Asian film Ms. ATAKA Naoko gave an explanation of the film, and in addition spoke about related topics such as the Malayalam language and the societal issues that form the film's background.

There was a large attendance from both within and outside the university, filliing the 500-seat venue. The film, which is based on Chekhov's 'Vanka', published in the late 1800s, deals with the issue of child labour, which still exists today, and this was a valuable chance to share the many sides of the issue.

Post-screening talk session 1 (from left: Ms. Fujii, Ms. Ataka)

Post-screening talk session 2

An active Q&A session