Singapore Secondary School Students Visit TUFS

June 14, 2017

On Thursday 8 th June 2017, a group of 15 Singaporean secondary school students visiting Japan on an invitation from the Foundation for International Assistance to People of Asia paid a visit to Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. This organisation arranges annual visits to Japan in order to deepen its exchange with other Asian countries in the future, build close international relationships, and provide opportunities to study abroad in Japan to outstanding students who will inherit the future of Asia, with the aim of nurturing leaders of the next generation who support Japan.

Following a welcome from Prof. Hagio, Director of the International Management Office, Prof. Tsutomu Tomotsune gave a brief explanation of the university and university entrance, after which Sol Dasika (School of Language and Culture Studies Japanese language 2nd year), who is studying abroad at TUFS from Australia, gave an introduction to university student life. The secondary school students asked questions on topics including the university entrance process, course selection, finding employment after graduation and interaction with Japanese students. Afterwards, they were given a tour of the library and observed a lesson conducted in English.