Lecture for Thai Language Students and Graduates

June 13, 2017

On Monday 24 th October 2016, Thai language graduate and internationally successful Mr. Hasegawa Koji*1 (Executive Director of Tokyo Gaigokai) and Mr. Arawara Shoshi*2 (TUFS Management Council Member) were invited to Prof. Miyata Toshiyuki (Institute of Global Studies)'s 2 nd year Thai language class to give a lecture and meet with students. The students listened enthusiastically to both guests, who are experienced in the world of international business, and an active question and answer session took place. Executive Director Hasegawa and TUFS Management Council Member Arawara are both former Thai language students of TUFS. There was a peaceful atmosphere in the classroom form beginning to end, and it was a valuable lecture.


Mr. Hasegawa Koji: 1964 graduate in Indonesian studies (Thai language), Executive Director of Tokyo Gaigokai, former Managing Director of Toyota Motor, former Shuto Expressway Representative Director, etc.


Mr. Arawara Shoshi: 1968 Indonesian studies graduate (Thai language), TUFS Management Council Member, Board member of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, former Bridgestone Chairman

Mr. Hasegawa Koji (centre left), Mr. Awarara Shoshi (centre right), Prof. Miyata Toshiyuki (far right), and Mr. Kosit, lecturer (far left), with students