Commemorative Monument Unveiled at the Nisshin Dormitory Site on 29th October

June 13, 2017

A commemorative monument has been installed at the site of Nisshin Dormitory, the former TUFS dormitory building (Kamitakada Park, Nagano-Ku), and an unveiling ceremony was held on Saturday 28 th October 2016.

Mr. Tanaka Tetsuji, representing the 'Association to Build a Commemorative Monument at the site of Nisshin Dormitory', led a group consisting mainly alumni who stayed at the Nisshin Dormitory during their student days to raise funds, in order to install the monument.

In addition to the former residents of Nisshin Dormitory, a total of 74 including President Tateishi and former Dorm Manager Ito Mitsuharu (economist) attended the unveiling ceremony.