TUFS Supporters Receive Limited Edition Stained Glass Clock Miniatures for TUFS's 150th Anniversary

June 7, 2017

On the 150 th anniversary of TUFS's establishment, in order to thank everyone for your kindness, the finance staff have prepared a special TUFS memento.

From 1st November 2016, we would like to present those from whom we have confirmed a donation of over \100,000 at one time with a commemorative wall clock. These 28cm battery-powered, analogue clocks are original to TUFS. Please be aware that there are only 100 pieces.

The clocks' design is a reproduction of the clock mounted outside the auditorium of the former Nihsigahara campus, which was donated to the university on its 80 th anniversary by Tokyo Gaigokai. The theme is of the tragedy of Prometheus, who in Greek mythology is accredited with bringing fire to humankind (inciting the wrath of Zeus, Prometheus was punished by having his liver devoured by an eagle), and was designed by the late stained glass mosaic artist Hinoue Hiroshi, who was studied Italian language at TUFS. The stained glass clock can currently be seen on the Fuchu campus main building.