TUFS International (Overseas) Staff Training Report Meeting Held on 28th September

June 6, 2017

On Wednesday 28 th September 2016, the International Management Office held a meeting announcing those who have completed the 2016 international staff training course.
TUFS operates graded international training courses with the purpose of developing the language ability, advancement in qualifications and international education of its staff members who support the university's globalization. At this meeting, the results of staff members who participated in the four week 'Global Administrative Exchange Programme' at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, were announced.

This overseas training course is the third of a three-stage programme in which staff members may participate after having gained a certain level of language aptitude through the first two training stages of language training within the university, and training camp in Japan. It is an opportunity for them to broaden their perspective by experiencing the diversity of managerial organisations and higher education in universities overseas. From this year, new training within the university are included, and young staff members from all departments will be involved with the reception of visitors from abroad. The TUFS International Management Office is working on the continued enhancement of domestic and overseas training.