Visit from Moscow State University

June 2, 2017

On Friday 26 th May 2017, Director Elena Kovtun and Vice Director Valery Chastnykh of the Institute of Russian Language and Culture at Moscow State University, a partner institution of TUFS, paid a visit to Prof. Kayoko Hayashi (Executive Director / Vice President) and Prof. Suzuki Yoshikazu (Russian Economic History, Institute of Global Studies).

Moscow State University is the most popular study abroad destination amongst students who study Russian at TUFS. Beside the usual exchange students, around 10 TUFS students go on a long-term study abroad to Moscow State University each year. In addition, every year many TUFS students attend and earn credits in the winter and summer short-term programme "Two Cities, Two Universities" offered by Moscow State University.

The Director and Vice Director visited TUFS in order to hold a debriefing session to the TUFS students on studying abroad at Moscow State University, in which they described the attractions of the university's study abroad programmes, including a new programme in collaboration with Sakhalin State University.

During their meeting, there was a discussion on new forms of exchange in the future, in addition to the currently existing above-mentioned short and long-term exchange of students and the continued assignment of foreign language teaching staff.