TUFS Student Competes in the Japan National Student Karaoke Battle

May 31, 2017

On Wednesday 24 th May 2017, TUFS student Umezu Mika (School of Language and Culture Studies German language 3 rd year student) appeared in TV Tokyo's 'THE Karaoke Battle' "2017 Japan National University Student Singing Championship" Unfortunately, Umezu did not get through to the finals, however she achieved 4 th place in the preliminaries.

Umezu is a member of the acapella club 'LINES', and has previously achieved victory in large acapella tournaments as club leader. In this tournament, she gave a passionate performance of British artist Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'. Online feedback included many comments such as "even though it was a difficult song in English, she was amazing!" and "so cool!".

We asked Umezu for her comments on the performance.

Umezu Mika (School of Language and Culture Studies German language 3 rd year)

I was lucky enough to appear in this programme, and with an English song that makes it easy to express myself, my heart is filled with the feeling that I'm one step closer to my dream. Also, thanks to all the kind support and encouragement I've received, I think I was able to sing without any problems. With gratitude towards everyone in my heart, I hope to continue to do my best as I progress forwards.

Members of LINES who gave their support at the tournament