TUFS Student Awarded the Shinano Ikueikai Scholarship for Contributing to a Fair Society

May 26, 2017

TUFS Student 岸野彩花 (School of International and Area Studies East Asian Area Studies 2 nd year) has been awarded the Shinano Ikueikai Public Interest Incorporated Foundation 'Scholarship for contributing to a Fair Society', and was presented with the scholarship at a ceremony which took place on Saturday 1 st October 2016.

After becoming a student at TUFS, 岸野 became a member Student support society and has participated in 'Learner Support for Children of Foreign Countries' at Fuchu International Salon. In addition to these activities, she has been awarded this scholarship in recognition of her involvement in volunteer activities in orphanages in Indonesia. We anticipate her active participation in the future.

Words from 岸野彩花

Since I became a student at TUFS, while thinking of the kinds of learning support for children that we as students can offer I have been involved with volunteer activities at Fuchu International Salon and orphanages in Indonesia. Now, thanks to all the support I have received from the staff at the university and everyone else who has helped me, I have been able to receive this award from Shinano Ikueikai. The continuation since 2015 of a scholarship given not for academic performance or economic support, but to encourage students who are involved in volunteer activities must not be possible without the great efforts and dedication of all those involved.

While speaking with the other recipients at the party following the awarding ceremony, I was able look into activities in many various fields different to my own such as earthquake reconstruction support, engineering works and space engineering, which was a big motivation. To show my thanks for receiving this opportunity to get to know so many lovely people, I hope to stay closely involved with the activities from here on.