Information Security Training for Teaching Staff Takes Place on 29th, 30th September

May 16, 2017

On Thursday 29 th September and Friday 30 th September, sessions in information security training for teaching staff took place at TUFS.

With the extraordinary development of information technology, in particular the internet, we are now able to quickly and easily process large quantities of information, and the convenience of social life had made remarkable progress. On the other hand, there are large numbers of reports of IT-related crime.

For these training sessions, we invited a specialist from outside the university, who gave a lecture that included fundamental knowledge on internet security, examples of the dangers of the internet, and specific examples of counter-measures.

Around 270 teaching staff participated in the training, and it was an opportunity to reassess the things that each member of staff needs to pay caution to, as well as the ways of dealing with them in order to protect the multitude of information assets owned by the university.