TUFS Students Hold Learning Support Classroom Middle School Students in Fuchu City from 11th - 15th July

April 14, 2017

From Monday 11 th to Friday 15 th July 2016, for five days students from TUFS held learning support sessions for middle school students of economically disadvantaged households in Fuchu at classrooms in 5 locations in Fuchu City. This is a project that began last year in collaboration with Fuchu City. This year, 11 first to fourth year students were participating, and each day three to four students visited the classroom and spoke about things such as what they had learned at university, university life, and their experiences in middle and secondary school. For the participating students, it became an opportunity to look back at their experience of their lives at university and secondary school.

Student Activity Report

関谷昴 (School of Language and Culture Studies English language third year)

For me, a world of interest that I hadn't even imagined in middle or high school came into view at university. I hope that the students put their studies at high school and middle school towards preparing for that.

Those studies are tied to a more interesting world. I would be happy, even if only a little, if by listening to my story they find meaning in more than just test grades.

杉山優華 (School of International and Area Studies East Asian area studies first year)

By speaking about my own experiences, I was able to think again about what I have developed interests in and what I have been working towards. Also, I came to want to value my own experience. As a first year student, this was useful for thinking about how to spend my time at university.

小林史緒 (School of International and Area Studies South-west European area studies first year)
Hearing about the content of these activities from my seniors in advance was completely different from actually experiencing them myself. That was something that I cannot express by simply saying "it was a good experience". I was once again made aware of the things that are necessary and that one needs to know when meeting people for the first time. There was something I most wanted to get across to the middle school students, and it may sound a little nebulous, but the buildup of this kind of experience might one day connect with something in a way you didn't expect, and there is some excitement in that. I am very grateful to have has this opportunity.

Please click here to view the students' activity report (link in Japanese)