Volunteer Action Space (VOLAS) Students Hold a Fun Gathering with Learner Support for 'Children of Foreign Countries' on 15th July

April 12, 2017

On Friday 15 th July 2016, students participating in Japanese learning support for children in foreign countries from the base of Volunteer Action Space (VOLAS) planned and carried out a fun gathering.

The students provide Japanese learning support for children of foreign countries (aimed at primary schools students) every Friday at the Fuchu International Salon in Fuchu. In this fun gathering, the students came together for the last day of activities of the first school term.

The gathering was held due to new children beginning to attend at the classroom from May, as well as the number of new member students from TUFS increasing, so it was a good opportunity for the children and students to get to know each other. In the second school term, disaster drills with local volunteers are being planned

Please click here to view a report of the activities by the students (link in Japanese)

Students carrying out English learning support for children at the Fuchu International Salon

An exchange self-introduction cards made together with the students in the classroom activities