Tri-University Event 'Innovative Integrated Communication Design' held on 29th July

April 12, 2017

On Friday 29 th July 2016, the collaborative event between TUFS, the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), and the University of Electro-Communications (UEC), 'Innovative Integrated Communication Design', took place. This was the pre-event to the 'Innovative Integrated Communication Design' class, which will be held between a union of the three universities in the fall quarter of this academic year. At TUFS, the class will be held as 'Communication Theory', an elective subject at the School of Language and Culture Studies, and students of the three universities will be able to register for the class as a regular class of their own university.

7 students from TUAT, 8 students from UEC, and 7 students from TUFS took part in the event. After introducing themselves over lunch, the students were given a tour of the campus by a fourth year student majoring in Chinese and a fourth year student majoring in Japanese

Afterwards, the students met in in a classroom for a second time and took part in a workshop on the theme of 'share the most interesting part of your research so far'. The students of this university had a chance to come into contact with more of the many various ways of thinking in science than usual, and the students from TUAT and UEC were able to hear about cultures and identities that typify the humanities which cannot be measured by the numbers that form the basis of science, and it was a fresh experience for both sides. The workshop concluded in a pleasant atmosphere, and the conversation continued between the participants for some time afterwards. It seems that 'inter-cultural communication' can be achieved through the familiar realm of 'inter-field exchange'.