Second English Education Seminar held on 30th July

April 12, 2017

On Saturday 30 th July 2016, the 'English Education Seminar' (sponsored by TUFS Relations Office and School of Language and Culture Studies) took place. This seminar is aimed at teachers in charge of English departments in institutions such as secondary schools, and was held for the second time after the popularity of the first seminal held in December of last year.

In line with the first seminar, two lectures were given by teaching members of TUFS, which were followed by an informal gathering. In the first lecture, Associate Prof. Nomoto Hiroki (Institute of Global Studies) spoke on the topic of 'The English of Asia: the Cases of Malaysia and Singapore', giving specific examples of expressions particular to the English spoken in Malaysia and Singapore, explaining the characteristics of the varieties of English in Asia that differ from standard English, and offering suggestions on how Asian English, one of world's the varieties of English, should be treated in education. In the second lecture, Prof. Negishi Masashi (Institute of Global Studies) spoke on 'The Outcome of University Entrance Examination Reform', gave an introduction to the various educational reforms to improve Japanese English proficiency carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the accomplishments and limitations thereof, and gave a report on recent trends in the entrance examination reforms receiving attention currently, particularly the reforms to English entrance examinations.

A productive Q&A session and informal gathering followed the lectures, where there was a lively discussion and exchange of information on the contents of the lectures and on the state of language education in many various locations.

In the questionnaire taken by those who took part, many answered saying that they were 'fully satisfied'. The next English Education Seminar is scheduled to take place in December.