Information Session on Quarantine and Infectious Diseases when Travelling Abroad held at TUFS

February 16, 2018

On Monday the 25th of December (2017), TUFS welcomed Section Manager Kumagai and Quarantine Specialist Kurita from the Quarantine Hygiene Division of the Tokyo Airport Quarantine Branch Office to give an information session on ‘Quarantine and Infectious Diseases when Travelling Abroad’. This information was targeted at both students planning to study abroad, including long term exchanges and short visits, and students planning to travel abroad.
A similar information session was also held in June 2017, but as there were students who could not attend at that time, new students, and students whose exchange plans were decided after the previous session, TUFS decided to hold another session. This was the third time this information session has been held.
The lecturers gave an introduction on quarantine stations, shared vaccination information from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare in Japan’s Quarantine Information Office website (FORTH), and discussed preventative measures (including study abroad insurance) against oral infections, rabies and sexually transmitted infections.
Over 50 students attended the session and listened intently to the information for over an hour. After the session, some students stayed behind to ask the specialists questions, showing their keen interest in health safety when travelling abroad.

*The Student Exchange Division is hoping to hold similar sessions in the future. We encourage those who could not attend this time to come to the next session.

Mr. Kumagai leading the session