Report Session for Exchange Students held as part of Inter-University Exchange Project (Latin America)

February 15, 2018

On Wednesday the 7th of February, the finishing/interim report session for the ‘Co-Creative Education Program of Humanities and Sciences to Solve Global Issues Confronting Japan and Latin America (La-CEP)’, a program cooperatively implemented by TUFS, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) and the University of Electro-Communications (UEC), was held at TUFS’ AGORA Global. This session was attended by exchange students from Latin American partner universities participating in this program at the three aforementioned universities.

The 19 students that came to Japan from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru in late-August learnt about Japan through their experiences up until now, including their Japanese language classes, Japanese culture classes, trips to places such as Senso-ji and the Edo-Tokyo Museum, internships at Japanese companies, and collaborative research at TUFS. At this report session, the students reported on what they have learnt from their time in Japan.

The report session began with an address from TUFS Vice President Minoru Iwasaki, after which 11 one-year exchange students gave five minute speeches in Japanese. In their speeches the students talked about their emotional and sensational arrival in Japan, the joy and difficulty that comes with learning Japanese in Japan, the kindness and politeness of Japanese people, the beautiful changing of the seasons, and the deliciousness of Japanese food. These speeches showed that the students’ Japanese abilities have improved tremendously, surprising even the teachers that accompanied them since day one. The venue was filled with laughter from listening to the students’ humorous speeches.
Following this, three Mexican students from UEC gave speeches in English. The audience listened intently to their speeches on engineering research results concerning technical topics such as acoustics. In addition, students leaving Japan at the end of February gave their final reports, and four students from TUAT gave presentations on their agricultural research. From the content of these speeches, it can be expected that these students will contribute significantly to future agricultural development in Brazil and Peru. Lastly, Professor Nagasaki, a specially-appointed professor at TUFS, asked the students to give their opinions on the program, to which many students said they ‘want to join a university club’ and ‘want to interact more with Japanese students’.

After the report session, a social was held between the exchange students from all three universities and Japanese students. The social was filled with laughter and conversations in Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and English, and time seemed to pass quickly.

We plan to hold this report session again this time next year. Won’t you come and experience an event that exceeds the barriers of language and nationality? Attendance is free, and booking is not necessary.

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